Apr 6 2019

Collin College

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On behalf of the Continuing Education team, thank you for your interest in our courses and programs. Continuing Education courses are affordable, accessible, and accelerated. Offerings include noncredit workforce and career training, as well as personal enrichment. If you are looking for ways to increase your career mobility, sharpen your skills, or develop a new talent, there are a wide variety of options from which to choose.

Collin College Continuing Education recently introduced a new online registration system for our courses. We know change can sometimes be confusing, so we are here to help you successfully navigate the registration system. Check out the information below to see a sample course listing, identify the important information required to register, and familiarize yourself with the new process.

Questions? Call 972-985-3711 for assistance and answers.

Quality Learning Opportunities
Collin College Continuing Education is the leading career skills training institution for adults who are not seeking a degree. More than 70 industry recognized certificate series and certification preparation training programs are offered in the information technology, management, administrative, finance, logistics, health care, education, creative, service and hospitality career fields.

If you have Financial Aid or a Third Party is paying for your tuition, do not enroll online.
The online system cannot recognize the funds and will drop you from your courses. Please call 972.985.3711 for CE Registration staff to enroll you.

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