Apr 10 2019

Practice nurse training

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Practice nurse training, NEF2.COM

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“Medicaid Billing in Schools”

What School Nurses Need to Know

The school nurse is a member of a multidisciplinary team providing health related services in schools. Through activities specifically defined in the Medicaid state plan, a portion of the funding spent in the provision of Medicaid covered services in schools may be reimbursable.

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“Medicaid Billing in Schools — What School Nurses Need to Know”

2016-17 School Nurse Resource Manual



Includes researched, peer-reviewed and updated clinical guidelines plus new ones in areas such as adrenal insufficiency, life-threatening cardiac conditions, celiac disease, constipation, Crohn’s disease, heart murmur, measles and rubella, norovirus, PANDAS, shingles, swallowing disorders, blood glucose monitoring, catheterization, enteral feeding, emerging infectious diseases, school refusal/school phobias.

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S H: $7.00 per book*

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Individualized Healthcare Plans
for the

  1. Create IHPs in Minutes!
  2. Ensure currency with standards of practice
  3. Provide quality care for 66 chronic and acute conditions
  4. Verify legality
  5. Facilitate third-party reimbursement
  6. New exclusive cloud-based software

A comprehensive resource for the management of 66 chronic and acute conditions encountered daily by school nurses. This completely revised edition provides current pathophysiology; new conditions; a preliminary IHP to initiate immediate healthcare; sample 504 accommodations, EAPs, and EEPs – if condition warrants; and access to a new cloud-based software application that reduces the time it takes to create an IHP to minutes! Softbound, 1,072 pages.

Price: $249.00
S H: $7.00 per book*

Our mission is to educate school health professionals in the latest clinical developments and research to help maintain safe, quality practice competency in the K-12 environment. Our publications concentrate in the areas of Health Services, Health Education and Safe School Environment.

We provide our subscribers with resources to be more informed, successful and secure in their daily work. Our information and materials are.

  • Authoritative – professionally cited sources
  • Evidenced-based and current
  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Accessible online 24/7 + mobile

Diabetes Education and Training

Emergency Glucagon
Administration Training

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and pricing

“Nearly 6.5 million children in the United States suffer from asthma, and most use an inhaler to help keep their airways open. But experts say most children are making mistakes that can dramatically affect how well their medication works. Lanser said the biggest mistake is not using a spacer. Without it, about 80 percent of the medicine settles in the mouth and never gets into the lungs.”. keep reading

“Almost a fifth of Memphis students are considered chronically absent from school, and too often it’s because of an asthma attack, a toothache or an undiagnosed psychological condition. ‘It’s clear that having a nurse at every school could greatly reduce the number of students who miss school for preventable health reasons. The health concerns we’re talking about disproportionately affect impoverished children and children of color.”. keep reading

“School systems across the United States should have a clear and concise district-wide cardiac emergency response plan that meets laws, standards and safety practices, according to an American Heart Association (AHA) policy statement.”. keep reading

“When you picture a school nurse you may not think of David — a 7-year-old student at Daisy Bates Elementary in Pulaski County. ‘He can’t breathe on his own, gets pneumonia all the time, horrible scoliosis,’ said PCSSD school nurse Sarah Bemis. David has a genetic disorder, and keeping him healthy enough to learn is Bemis’ responsibility. But during a Wednesday hearing at the Capitol, Paula Smith, state’s school nurse consultant, told lawmakers that nearly 400 schools in the state share nurses with at least one other school.”. keep reading

“The number of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) rose by 43 percent between 2003 and 2011. The percentage of children who have ADHD, however, is not thought to have changed, it’s simply that more are being diagnosed.”. keep reading



“Medicaid Billing in Schools”

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