Feb 29 2020

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Fast loans


Affordable, Quick Loans with No Fees or Charges

We ensure any quick loan we give you is affordable. If this means spreading repayments out into small manageable repayments then this is what we’ll do.

We say YES, where other lenders say NO

We assign each and every applicant a Customer Care manager. We are therefore able to lend to those that other lenders wouldn’t by taking a human approach to our decision making.

Customer Satisfaction is Key

We pride ourselves on our excellent Customer Service as we aim to be the first port of call for all our customers in times when they need a quick loan.

Flexible instalment loans up to ВЈ2000

Choose from weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments – whatever suits you best.

Money Smart!

Helping you with your money and all things beyond just quick loans.

Future Technology, your life, job, and finances

How to Save Money for those Rainy Days

Responsible Lending

At Fast Loan UK we understand there is a real need to lend in a responsible manner. Besides our best lending practices that are outlined below we have processes and controls in place to ensure that our customers never borrow more than they can afford to pay back. Find out more.


We will get the money to you as quickly as possible once all the relevant checks have been carried out. 95% of our quick loans will hit your account within 10 minutes of you digitally signing your Loan Contract. We have designed the borrowing process at Fast Loan to be as quick and hassle free as possible, so we won’t keep you waiting.

Honest and Transparent

What you see is what you pay with Fast Loan UK. We will calculate the cost of the loan including each repayments upfront. We have no hidden charges and we do not believe in admin, extension or late payment fees. You simply pay for the days you borrow. We feel that it’s in both of our interests to treat you fairly, and we promise you will NEVER get a nasty surprise from us.

Total Flexibility

At Fast Loan UK all you need to do is choose the amount you would like to borrow, how long you would like to borrow for, and how many loan repayments you would like to make in that time. You can also choose to repay your quick loan early and you will only be charged interest for the days you’ve borrowed. Now that’s total flexibility.


We have seen how many quick loan companies trap their customers by having them commit to large one off payments at the end of the month. As a result we have developed longer term quick loans with the option of making smaller, weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments, so our loans will always be affordable.

Personal Touch

All of our customers get allocated a friendly Customer Care manager. Its there job to personally manage individual account to make sure you are getting the most out of our service. At Fast Loan UK we do not believe you’re just a number and understand that everyone has their own personal set of circumstances. We promise you will always have someone to talk to about any uncertainty or problems you may face.


We understand that your circumstances can change unexpectedly from time to time affecting your ability to manage bills and repay credit agreements. If this is the case your Customer Care manager will work with you to help resolve any financial difficulty. At Fast Loan UK we are proud of the bonds many of our customers and Customer Care Managers have formed as a result of working together to resolve financial hardship.

Unlike many other quick loan providers we do not believe in profiting from you missing loan repayments by charging excessive late and legal fees. We will work with you and give you every opportunity to repay your loan in a manner that is sustainable to the changes in your circumstances.

Although all applications for quick loans along with individual circumstances are considered, we have put in place screening processes to assess all customers’ creditworthiness. These will include using credit reference agencies where necessary.


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