Feb 29 2020

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Loan in


The Economics Department at UCSD Began in 1964

We have grown a lot since then, now hosting a vibrant, cosmopolitan community of students, faculty and visiting scholars. Our students and faculty represent diverse backgrounds (79 countries in 2015/16), ethnicities, religions and identities, including many with a history of unequal treatment and disadvantage. We strive to provide a tolerant, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

Our 40 faculty examine everything from microeconomic and econometric theory (our two traditional fields of strength) to macroeconomics, development economics, public finance, international economics, environmental economics and labor economics. We provide a diverse and complete training for our students, as well as research at many of the frontiers of economic research.

Our courses are challenging and rigorous, but there is a return on investment: we graduate between eight and nine hundred students a year with Bachelors’ degrees, many to great jobs and graduate schools, here in California and around the world. In addition, we graduate twenty or thirty PhD students a year, who either become professors themselves or go on to interesting careers in government or the private sector.



Learn more about what our Department has to offer and find testimonials from our alumni. International Students can also find information about employment and training options that work with your student visa, as well as career resources for after you graduate.


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