Mar 1 2020

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Hong Leong Monday Exclusive Financing-i Promo

Enjoy as low as 4% p.a interest with Monday exclusive personal loan promo. Interest applicants must apply from RM 100,000 up to RM 250,000 of financing.

How this works?

Customer would have to apply personal loan with Hong Leong Bank website on Monday between 1st and 14 February 2019. On average the interest charged would be at 8.00% p.a. which translate to around 14.13% effective interest rates depending on the tenure of the loan. One would have to apply from RM100,000 to RM 250,000 financing facility.

Approved prospects would also enjoy a 50% rebate of their total interest if they paid their loan installments on time.

Above is the example of rebate that would be enjoyed by borrower for a sum of RM 100,000 and financing tenure of 5 years. This rebate period would start at the 8th months of the loan to 55th months of the loan. Qualified rebate borrowers will be notified by the bank on 6th month of their loan tenure based on the mailing address as submitted during the loan application process.

Hong Leong personal financing features a fast 48 hours approval. Application is open to Malaysia citizens between 21 an 60 years old according to loan tenure with no existing personal loan or hold more than 1 facilities with Hong Leong bank. The minimum eligible monthly salary is RM 2,000. All installment would be rounded to the nearest RM5.

There is a 0.50% stamp study fees based on the loan amount.

Affin Bank Personal Loan

The Personal Financing is a great loan package that fully based on Sharia Concept and it is suitable for anyone working at a selected panel of companies. The loan is based on Tawarruq buy sell concept with hibah. Financial products from the bank are strictly for applicants who have fills in the application form with an actual purpose particularly for personal consumption. In addition, the loan has no hidden charges or terms and doesn’t need any collateral or guarantor.

Applicant is able to borrow from RM 5,000 to RM 150,000 with the loan. The amount borrowed would depends the income of the applicant.

Affin Extra Plus

Another loan packages offered by the bank is called Affin Extra Plus (also known as Flexible Plan). It is a loan given to any current mortgage borrowers (can also be for business premise or residential financing that has been completed) that related with the bank or any new home loan customers. However, the loan would only help to increase the needs of mortgage borrowers funding if they have paid off at least RM20,000 from their current outstanding total amount of loan and at the same time has a clean record of repayment. Not to mention, the loan can also be used by applicants as an investment or personal use. Affin Extra Plus is suitable for any organizations (exclude voluntary organizations and private limited) and any eligible individuals.

Affin Extra Plus is ready to provides customers with a financial amount between RM20,000 to RM1,000,000 based on the current minimum property loan. Currently, the Margin of Finance (MOF) is able to get up to 85% and the Mortgage Reducing Team Assurance (MRTA) financing is around 5% (includes the MRTA and Entry Cost). This would benefit the customers to redraw from excess payment, save up overall interest cost, and make payment in excess for the loan instalment amount. The maximum tenure for the loan is up to 10 years or until the applicants reached the age of 60 years old. Also, the applicants are required to take up insurance as a protection repayment.


Minimum financing tenure for the loan is 5 years while the maximum is 7 years. The loan required the applicants to be at least 21 or maximum 55 years old when they applying for the loan as well required them to take a compulsory insurance with the loan package as a protection for the repayment.


  1. A copy of MyKad (front and back)
  2. Disbursement accounts
  3. Documentation needed by salaried applicants;
  1. Documentation needed by self-employed applicants;

About Affin Bank

Affin Islamic Bank (better known as Affin Islamic) was launched on 1993 that closely affiliate with Affin Bank Berhad (Affin Bank) as an Islamic Banking. Nonetheless, the bank is effectively operating as a standalone Islamic Bank on April 1 2006 after it was incorporated as a separate entity for the Islamic Banking Division of Affin Bank in 2005. The bank offers a wide range of banking facilities for the needs of its clients in term of financial support. The most seek products in Affin Islamic is called Personal Financing.


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