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Andy samberg and natalie portman

<a title="Andy" href="">Andy</a> <a title="samberg" href="">samberg</a> and <a title="natalie" href="">natalie</a> <a title="portman" href="">portman</a>-<a title="Andy" href="">Andy</a> <a title="samberg" href="">samberg</a> and <a title="natalie" href="">natalie</a> <a title="portman" href="">portman</a>
As hard as she may try to distance herself from some of her past boyfriends, nothing can ever be erased from the internet.

15 Unexpected Men Natalie Portman Might Have Dated Before Finding Her Husband

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Natalie Portman may make mommy moves now, but her choice of past boyfriends reveal a side of her that she would undoubtedly prefer to have kept a secret. Having always tried to maintain a clear separation between her professional and private life, fans haven’t actually been all that privy to her dating life.

Many rumors have swirled around ever since her breakout role in The Professional when she played the 12-year-old apprentice Mathilda to a NYC hitman, but she has always either strayed away from the public eye or denied even in the face of proof. Even simpler, she has simply never commented on some of her past relationships. As hard as she may try to distance herself from some of her past boyfriends, nothing can ever be erased from the internet.

She is a mother of two now, but even her marriage and parenting haven’t come without some drama. She has been married to Benjamin Millepied since 2012, with whom she also officially has two kids, but like most single young women Natalie has dated a few men before eventually finding the man of her dreams.

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15 Lukas Haas

Via LiveJournal & Coolspotters

According to Us Magazine, Portman ever only called her Everyone Says I Love You co-star a “friend”, but the pictures on the web of them undoubtedly point in the other direction. She may have friend zoned him, but their chemistry is evident in every picture taken of the pair and all the tabloids unanimously proclaim that the two dated in 1998. As has written about her: “If he’s smoking hot, Natalie Portman has dated him.

At the time, Portman confided: “I don’t think I’ve ever been in love, I’m sure I will be some day. I’ve had enormous crushes, although I’ve never been into the Brad Pitt thing.” Whatever they had didn’t last and now that two decades have already passed, there is barely any information on the couple. A major detail that stands out is that she would have been just 17 years old, while he would have been 22. It’s not the biggest age gap, but there is something to be said about how she would have still been underage.

14 Sean Penn

Via Crazy Days and Nights

It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Portman has a thing for older guys. According to an insider that confided to Star Magazine in 2009: “They went to a bank of elevators that only goes to the spa or to private rooms. They came back about 45 minutes later, and that’s when I saw them making out.

The source also added: “There’s a door outside of the hotel’s Tower Bar that has a bridge to the terrace, so it’s semi-private. I used that path to get to the restroom, and when I came back, I had to go through some curtains — and that’s when I interrupted Sean and Natalie! When they saw me, they were startled and quickly composed themselves.”

This is hands-down the most interesting bit of information from Portman’s dating history. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of it.

13 Hayden Christensen

Although their on-screen chemistry was severely lacking, fans just couldn’t get enough of the idea that Portman and Christensen might be dating after the first or second Star Wars. The consensus of when exactly they may have dated is unclear. Although MTV reports it was sometime after the first movie, other tabloids report it was after the second one.

One thing is for certain: no one really wanted to see their “romantic” scenes on the big screen, but every fan’s imagination nonetheless ran wild with the idea of these two gorgeous people doing it in real life. Whereas stars might sometimes release a statement to shut down rumors, neither Portman, nor Christensen ever denied or gave in to the rumors. This is also probably the main reason for which Christensen is mentioned any time there is any talk of Portman’s old boyfriends.

Although there are barely any pictures of the two of them together, it would seem that Portman dated Moby in 2001. She would have just turned 20 at the time and he would have been 36 years old, which would have verged on a two-decade age gap. Whatever they had was brief though. According to PopSugar, he later talked about their relationship, saying: “But as far as the very brief affair that I had with Natalie, it’s made me a target of a lot of nerd wrath. You don’t date Luke Skywalker’s mom and not have them hate your guts.

The wrath of Star Wars fans surely wouldn’t have been enough to break these two and there is likely more to the reason behind their split.

11 Andy Samberg

They can deny it all they want, but their chemistry is undeniable. Back in 2006 when Portman’s highly explicit rap was featured on Saturday Night Live, fans couldn’t pick up their jaws off the floor fast enough as no one expected the usually quiet and modest Portman to bust out with some heavy verses.

Talking to Us Weekly at the time, Samberg said: “It was all her idea. She loves filthy rap.” If the “rap” part of that sentence was code word for anything else, we shall never know. Most tabloids agree that they must have had a relationship of some kind. He isn’t that much older than her, but he is clearly he type. A second part to the infamous rap was recently released and is totally worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already.

10 Jake Gyllenhaal

Via Morning Star

The year 2006 was a busy one for Portman! She appears to have had a bit of a mid-20’s crisis as not only did her relationship with Garcia end, but she is then also rumored to have hooked up with Andy Samberg, as well as Jake Gyllenhaal. We know for a fact that Jake and Natalie did have a fling though. Albeit short, E Online has reported that they dated for a brief time. Although they would have undoubtedly made an amazing Hollywood power couple, the relationship didn’t work out for reasons that they never revealed, but it may very well have been to scheduling difficulties, which typically happens to A-list actors.

On the bright side, they have remained friends for over a decade already, even with Gyllenhaal recently poking fun at Portman while presenting her with the Desert Palm Achievement Award: “She’s a vegan, which makes it really frustrating when you’re picking a place to eat.

9 Gael Garcia Bernal

Via Celebuzz & Coolspotters

Natalie Portman and Gael García Bernal dated on-and-off between 2003 – 2006 according to Ranker. Unlike some of her other relationships, there are quite a few telling pictures of this one, so it definitely did happen. Even by the end of their relationship, a source had told the Sun that the couple had been quite handsy at a bar: “They put on quite a show. They were all over each other all night. They did not care who saw, they had eyes only for themselves. We couldn’t believe it.

Neither one of them ever revealed details with regards to their relationship, even once it ended. However, just two years later, he met actress Dolores Fonzi and in 2009, their son was born. Given that Bernal is just a couple of years older than Portman, it’s possible that they simply weren’t in the same mind-frame yet. It would seem that he might have been ready for a more serious relationship, while she may not have been, which would coincide with the reason for which her relationship with Banhart didn’t work out (more on that later.)

8 Nathaniel Philip Rothschild

Via The Boyfriend

Natalie Portman almost dominated the world. at least if the conspiracy reports are to be believed around the Rothschild family. Although ten years older than her, they were romantically linked in 2007 after having dinner at a restaurant in London. A source had reportedly told The Daily Mail: “A casually dressed Natalie and a female friend pulled up in a chauffeured Audi at around 9pm and went into the restaurant. Nat (Rothschild) arrived on foot five minutes later. After three hours Natalie came out with her pal, who was holding hands with Nat’s friend, and they got into her car. A bit later, Nat ran down the street, jumped in next to Natalie and they all drove off.”

They were also seen at a couple of other occasions but whatever sparks they may have had quickly simmered down and nothing ever came of them.

7 Jude Law

Looks like it’s a good thing that whatever went on between these two didn’t extend beyond brief dating. Had they pursued a more serious relationship, then she would have been left in the middle of a massively public drama about an affair with a nanny that Sienna Miller was instead stuck with! As far as relationships go, Jude Law is probably at the top of the list of boyfriends that she wishes she would have never met.

According to, Jude Law reportedly seduced Portman back when they were still filming Closer in 2004 — how fitting! Let’s also not forget their age as similarly to some of the other men she has dated, there is a bit of an age gap. For their part, it’s only of nine years, not quite making it to the decade milestone.

6 Devendra Banhart

For a brief second in 2008, Natalie Portman also dated American-Venezuela singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart. After their separation, Banhart later confided to Vulture: “Very good terms. She’s one of my best friends. I love her super-much. Super-much.” Does he consider her to be “the one who got away”? We will likely never have the answer to that question, but a source had told US Weekly: “Things just weren’t working out. Natalie is young and they just were very different ultimately.”

The friend also added: “She’s really a free spirit. She’s complicated because she’s very serious about her career and smart but also artistic and free-thinking. It’s tough to match.” It definitely sounds as though the friend may have been holding back on their true criticism of Natalie. Unlike her, he has yet to get married or have kids.

5 Rodrigo Santoro

They may never have been photographed together, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. When Rodrigo Santoro joined the cast of Jane Got A Gun, for which Portman had already been cast, rumors were set ablaze around the two extremely beautiful people. Seriously, imagine if they had babies together? Back in 2009 when they were first romantically linked, a source had reportedly told In Touch magazine that they had been dating “for about a month” already, even going so far as to say that her friends all agreed that he is “a very sweet guy”.

Coincidentally, he would have also been between relationships. According to Who’s Dated Who, after dating Ellen Jabour from 2003-2008, he wasn’t officially linked to anyone else until Mel Fronckowiak in 2012, with whom he has a daughter.

4 Zach Braff

Via Tumblr & Getty Images

Although Zach Braff revealed on the Howard Stern Show that he had no interest in dating a fellow celebrity, tabloids and fans agree that he may have dated Portman on the down-low: “I don’t want to date the super-famous girls. Remember I did that once before when I dated Mandy Moore, and I didn’t like it.”

He had also added: “When you date another famous person that’s when they really hound you. That’s when the paparazzi are outside your house and that’s when you can’t ride your bike through Manhattan because they follow you.”

Nonetheless, there were mega rumors during the time that they were filming Garden State in 2004 that they may have also dated. They would have both been in their 20’s at the time and not as followed by paparazzi yet as they are now, so some private dates are very possible.

3 Darren Aronofsky

Via LiveJournal & MarieClaire

Although both Portman and Aronofsky have denied all the rumors, fans just aren’t convinced. Their skepticism actually extends all the way to Portman’s baby, with many claiming that the tot’s real father is Aronofosky and not her husband’s Benjamin Millepied’s. It would seem that many of the major celebrity news outlets would have latched on to this juicy piece of gossip in 2010, including an article from the National Enquirer, but it looks like the internet has all but been scrubbed clean of any reference to Portman’s eldest child being Aronofsky’s.

Aronofsky even separated from Rachel Weisz, whom he had been dating for nine years. Curiously, Portman’s first child was born just a couple of months after the film’s release. Whichever the case, there is also something to be said about how Aronofsky clearly likes his women younger. Not only is Portman 13 years younger than him, but Jennifer Lawrence, with whom he was just recently in a relationship with for a year, is 22 years his junior.

2 Robert Pattinson

Via Getty Images & Alt Film Guide

Rumors are quick to get swirled up and most of them have no evidence or witnesses, but back in 2009, E! Online was able to secure a couple of confession from an unnamed source concerning a potential hook up between Natalie Portman and Robert Pattinson. Did they or didn’t they? We will almost certainly never know but according to the source, things were getting steamy between the two of them at a Vanity Fair Oscar party: “[she] seemed really into him, and went right up to say hello once she spotted him.”

Coincidentally, Pattinson had admitted to being nervous prior to the Oscars because he was supposed to present with Portman. According to the source, “whiskey and Natalie Portman” helped him to relax. They reportedly left the party separately, but this old Hollywood ruse isn’t one that any tabloids or fans fall for anymore.

1 Nathan Bogle

Model Nat Bogle definitely falls into the attractive category and according to Ranker, they dated in 2007, albeit briefly. However, not very much is known about their relationship or if it even got to that point. He may not be in the spotlight any more, but had he stayed with her, he undoubtedly still would be.

They were actually photographed quite a few times just out and about, but ultimately, this one didn’t work out either for reasons that are unknown. Tabloids were quick to jump on a little snippet that Portman said to the photos at one point though. As she was caught walking around NYC, she told a reporter that her dog died, to which he replied that he was sorry. According to Just Jared, she then responded with: “That’s OK. I’m sorry too. I love dogs. They’re better than people.


Andy samberg and natalie portman


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